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MVPs or MVCs?

One of the central problems with the speed of tech innovation is that increasingly the question is not “Can we do something?” but “Should we do something?”.  Since the important questions for teams are not directly about technical ability but how to interface with world, the world is really only the proving ground.  Hence the drive for talent acquisitions where a start-up is not acquired for the product but the product has proved that the team can deliver in the real world.

Pure talent acquisitions were the product is officially ended pose a further problem to the general culture of innovation: jaded users.  Maciej Ceglowski highlighted the problem in a post in December.  Few people want to spend a large amount of time working on somebody else’s glorified senior project.  At the same time there are so many hypotheses to work out when starting a new company that start-ups should have the ability to work on a product first before firming up the financial development of a company. However, if a large group of early adopters took his advice to heart, product first development might disappear. If users start to become more like investors digging in to business models and sustainability before trying or committing to new products then minimum viable products(MVPs) become minimum viable companies(MVCs).

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