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Connecting the Operational Plan

Connect for Health Colorado (C4HCO) sits midway between a government agency and a startup. As a government agency it purpose was defined to create an individual and small group marketplace for health insurance. As a startup it still had to find a “product market” fit or a method for actually creating the marketplaces and then once finding a product market fit scaling that method to reduce costs or increase the marketplace.

I can be argued that C4HCO has found a product market fit for individual health insurance but the recently released operating report doesn’t provide a good indication that C4HCO knows how this was done or how it will scale. Furthermore the operating report doesn’t provide a clear prioritization of the remaining “startup” tasks. Will C4HCO be focusing on scaling the individual marketplace? Does C4HCO believe that it has achieved product market fit in the individual insurance market? How does small group fit into all of this? Does C4HCO have an overall business model to organize all of these questions?

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